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Micaceous Iron Oxide Sancora Protective@Guard

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~Micaceous Iron Oxide~
PROTECTIVE@Guard Micaceous Iron Oxide is a highly durable metal protective paint that is resistant to mild 
chemical fume attack, atmospheric pollution and high humidity due to its hard lamellar pigment, Micaceous Iron Oxide.
Usage Recommended used as protective coating for metal surfaces such as steel structure, bridge, transmission 
towers, metal tanks and etc.
Pack Size 5 litres
Composition Pigment : Micaceous Iron Oxide, Aluminium Paste & Inorganic
Binder : Modified Alkyd
Vehicle/Solvent : Aliphatic Hydrocarbon
Technical Data Texture : Matt Metallic Finish
Coverage : Approx. 14- 16m
/ litre (Depending on surface evenness)
Drying Time
Single coat at standard thickness (28ºC, 50% RH)
Hard Dry ≤ 2 hours
Recoating Time : 2 hours
Thinner/Cleaner : Mineral Spirit
Application Brush/Roller For normal use, thinning is not necessary. If required, add up to 10% by volume 
with Mineral Spirit.
Conventional Air 
Spray Thin 5 - 10% by volume with Mineral Spirit and adjust to requirement.
Airless Spray Thinning is not necessary. If required, add up to 5 - 10% by volume with Mineral 
Spirit for ease of application.
Surfaces must be dry and free from grease, dirt and other contaminants. Steel 
surfaces should be sanded or wire-brushed to remove mill scales and rust. For the 
best result, steel surfaces should be prepared by hand-powered tool according to BS 
7079 Part 1: 1989 ST3 Standard.
Galvanized / 
Aluminium :
Surfaces should be cleaned and degreased. Apply with SANcora®
PROTECTIVE@Guard Etching Primer to ensure good adhesion.
Remove all loose and defective paint film. Rusted and defective area should be 
sanded and feathered.
Shelf Life 2 years at ambient temperature in unopened containers.
Paint Guide
Surface Condition Primer - To Paint One Coat Finishing - To Paint Two Coats
Metal SANcora® RUST@Guard SANcora®
Micaceous Iron Oxide
Galvanized / 
Aluminium SANcora®
PROTECTIVE@Guard Etching Primer SANcora®
Micaceous Iron Oxide
Safety, Health and Environmental Information
When applying paint, it is advisable to wear eye protection and suitable gloves.
In case of contact with eye, rinse with plenty of water immediately and seek medical advice.
Remove splashes of paint from skin by using soap or water. 
Keep container tightly closed and away from food, drinks, animal feed and out of the reach of children.
Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.
Paint must always be stored in upright position and a cool place.
Dispose off any paint waste in accordance with the appropriate Environmental Quality Regulations.
Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for complete product safety information.

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